Eaton Supercharger Fluid - 8 ounces (The amount for a complete refill)

8 ounces of Eaton replacement supercharger fluid.


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Eaton replacement supercharger fluid. Check your fluid every 30,000 miles and refill as necessary. The fluid is to be checked using the "fill" plug located on the front of the supercharger. Remember, only check the fluid when the car is cold and when the car is on a level surface. Proper fluid level is when the fluid is level with the bottom of the threads on the supercharger case. Note, that I said the "case", not the fill plug itself! No fluid should be touching the plug.  A full fluid refresh is a bit less than 8 ounces.


Experts recommend changing this fluid after 50-60,000 miles. Use a fluid transfer pump or turkey basting type tool to suck out the old fluid.

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