'93-98 Rear Msport High Performance Cross-Drilled & Slotted Rotor - Stock 10.1" Diameter

Msport Cross Drilled and Slotted OE replacement high performance rotors provide superior stopping power for street and light track use.

Avoid the "guaranteed to warp" Chinesium found at local discount auto part stores and Ebay!

SCP will attempt to meet or beat any other sources pricing on an identical item. Call us to discuss 513-697-6501.

Free shipping is NOT INCLUDED in the purchase price of this item as these are shipped from Ontario, Canada.  Cost will be based upon package size, weight and distance to be shipped.   If you would like an estimate please contact us.  If ordered online an appropriate amount for shipping will be added to your order prior to your credit card being processed.


Msport Cross Drilled and Slotted OE replacement high performance rotors provide superior stopping power for street and light track use.  Each rotor is engineered to perfectly fit all applications without any need for modifications to your braking system.

Engineered and produced in Canada, Msport selects only the highest quality premium gray cast iron rotors produced at ISO 9001-2008 certified foundries.  Each rotor design is analyzed thoroughly in order to determine the most effective placement for the cross drilling and slotting.  This is extremely important so that the maximum benefits of venting super heated gases and maintaining a clean pad surface are achieved, while at the same time maintaining the structural integrity of the rotor.  Msport rotors resist cracking and warping, ensuring long rotor and pad life.

Utilizing CAD CAM processes the CNC machining centers execute precision programs to drill holes and mill slots maintaining a perfect balance of each rotor. We never compromise the internal fins of the rotor.  Each Msport rotor is treated with a superior quality antirust coating which is designed to protect all of the rotor’s non-friction surfaces, while still allowing very quick pad bed-in on the friction area.


This item is for the stock sized 10.1" rear rotors for the '93-97 Tbirds/Cougars (fits regular and Sport models) and the '93-98 Mark VIII.  This item is for ONE rotor, not a pair. Order two to receive both front rotors.  Coated for quality rust protection.


  • Superior brake technology for cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers
  • Superior heat dissipation technology
  • Pad management technology
  • Advanced metallurgy for durability
  • Made from G3000 Alloy
  • Meets the SAE 3000 – or SAE3500 grey iron casting standards
  • Superior quality rust protection technology
  • Salt Spray Tested
  • Replaces and exceeds the performance of OEM products
  • Braking power and maximum safety for all conditions, wet or dry
  • Significant efficiency and endurance
  • Quiet secure braking characteristics
  • CNC precision drilled and slotted
  • Calibrated and balanced through milling, ready to install
  • Certified engineering quality control at every stage of manufacturing
  • 1st to market applications
  • ISO 9001-2008 Certified
  • Made in Canada, premium grade - Don't buy Chinese junk that warps in no time!
  • The best alternative to your problematic applications
  • Efficient heat transfer
  • Available for most types of vehicles 


Simply the BEST! Order a set of the Msport premium pads and rotors for optimum performance.  Upgrade the braking capabilities of just about any vehicle on the road as we offer these premium rotors and pads for nearly all applications. Give us a call (513-697-6501), or email us to inquire about a set of rotors for your ride. Unbeatable pricing with our price match policy.


A quick note about cross drilling & slotted rotors: We often get asked, "Don't cross drilled rotors potentially experience cracking around the holes?". This issue used to be common many years ago, and still is on cheap imported rotors, but Msport uses a precision end mill to machine the holes and properly chamfers them to eliminate stress risers and also provides their rotors with a premium heat treatment to further reduce internal stresses in the metal. To put is simply, we have been selling the Msport product for years now and have yet to see a cracked cross-drilled hole. The same cannot be said for the cheap quality/priced imported rotors you find on Ebay and other sources.

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