Window Regulator Repair Kit

This item is for one window regulator kit. We recommend purchasing two because if one is bad, the other one is close behind in failure also!


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This item is for one window regulator kit.   Purchase two if you wish to do both sides...which is HIGHLY recommended!   If one side is bad the other is shortly behind it.


Our rebuild kit covers all 1987-1997 Thunderbirds, Cougars, 1993-1996 Mark VIII, 1986-1995 Taurus, 1990-1999 Crown Vic, 1988-1993 Lincoln Continental, 1990-1999 Lincoln Town Car and 1993-1995 Bronco/F-Series power window regulators.


All these window regulators will eventually fail causing you to spend $90 each for new replacement units. The causes of the failure of your window regulator can be because excessive stress on the window and track mechanism or simply age will cause the cam buttons to harden and eventually crack.  It's only a matter of time before the motor destroys the cam buttons and eventually the nylon window regulator gear. Eventually the window stop going up or down.   BE PROACTIVE, NOT DUMB-ACTIVE and change out your window regulator today with our kit to keep your window moving up and down reliably.


Some signs of window regulator failures are slow or erratic window movement up or down. Window rolls up but the motor keeps trying to operate. Window regulator operates but the window does not move.


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